Our Story

AstraLuna is an imaginary word deriving from Latin. It embodies the limitless connection between the moon and the stars. Since the beginning of time, mankind has waxed romantic under the celestial glow. Our founders behold the power of heavenly bodies. In hopes of achieving balance in the universe, we have combined our entrepreneurial skills to develop a company whose sole purpose is to create brands of spirits that people truly love.

Our Distillery

Our distillery is located in Medfield, MA, a wonderful town in the suburbs of Boston. From fermentation to bottling, we have created a facility that enables us to create premium hand crafted spirits. All of our equipment is “purpose-built” for spirits.

Our still, “The Duchess,” is custom engineered by Vendome Copper and Brass Works. Our fermenters are top quality American-made stainless steel. Every piece of equipment speaks to quality and we are honored to be the custodians of such amazing craftsmanship.

Equipment is only part of the process. Our staff is 100% dedicated to producing high quality spirits. We employ tried and true methods combined with the latest technologies. The result of our painstaking dedication is our truly remarkable spirits.

Stop by our distillery any time and you will experience spirits in action.

Our Staff

Andrew McCabe - AstraLuna Distiller

Andrew McCabe — Distiller & Director of Operations

With Scottish, Irish and French roots, Andrew was born to become a distiller. He has been passionately crafting fine wines, beers and spirits for over 25 years. He is always in search of creating the “next great spirit.”

Before co-founding AstraLuna Brands, Andrew was also pouring his soul into entrepreneurial pursuits in the areas of real estate development, import/export and online retailing. He has lived and worked in China and is fluent in Mandarin. Andrew is also an accomplished ballroom dancer and can be seen frequenting dance halls across the land.

Joseph Sullivan - AstraLuna Distiller

Joe Sullivan — Distiller & Director of Sales and Marketing

Joe is a descendent of the Sullivan clan which settled in Dover, MA many generations ago. There is rumor the Sullivans and Fryers were in cahoots in the moonshine business. According to legend, their Dover Demon Whiskey was a local favorite back in the day.

Before becoming a distiller, Joe was a builder of fine custom homes in the metro-Boston area. His excellent work graces the landscape.

Joe is also a very civic minded individual and has volunteered for many charitable organizations such as the Wounded Warriors Project, Spaulding Rehab Facility and the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Joe is an accomplished athlete as well . He is a USPTA Certified Wheelchair Teaching Tennis Pro and has received many professional accolades. He also competed in 2 NYC marathons. He kayaks, skis, sails and loves to fish. Furthermore, Joe is a licensed pilot who flies his plane throughout New England during Summer.

Jonathan Fryer-AstraLuna Distiller

Jonathan Fryer — Distiller and Director of Legal & Governmental Affairs

Jono is a true “swamp Yankee.” The Fryers’ of Dover, MA are known far and wide for their involvement in clandestine spirit production. Their moonshining history dates back at least seven generations.

In 1995, Jono and Joe’s brother, Peter, finally took the legal route and started Watch City Brewing Company in Waltham, MA. This is where his vast family knowledge came into play. And now today we draw upon some of those backwoods skills and recipes at AstraLuna Brands.

Jono is also an avid race car driver, historian and all around good guy.

Vinny OBrien-AstraLuna Brands Distillery Bard

Vinny O’Brien — Distillery Bard

Vinny was born in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston to first generation Irish parents. His maternal grandmother was instrumental in influencing his cooking skills and his paternal grandmother was instrumental educating him on the importance of quality spirits. Food and drink were (and remain) overwhelming important to the O’Brien clan. One other overriding family influence was music. During college Vin worked in several different quality restaurants and bars in the Fairfield and Westport area of Connecticut. While attending Law School, in 1981, Vin opened O’Brien’s Café on Post Road in Fairfield with his future bride MaryAnne. O’Brien’s was a pub style restaurant serving only hand made soups, stews, salads, entrees and deserts.

After graduating from Law School, due to available legal work, Vin relocated to the New London area but he and MaryAnne continued in the restaurant/bar business on the side. Eventually, Vin became law partners with Jonathan Fryer. Once MaryAnne and Vin relocated in the Boston area they pursued their musical dream and continue to perform with the band the Gratefuls in the South Shore area on a regular basis. During the late 80’s into the early 90’s they worked on finding the right location and permitting and ultimately opened the Watch City Brewery in Waltham Massachusetts. Over the past several years Vin and Jonathan, together with Andrew and Joe, have been planning and eventually permitted and opened Astra Luna Distillery. The adventure continues!!!

Diane Headshot

Diane Hebert-Farrell – Advertising and Brand Outreach Manager

Diane has lived in Arlington, MA for over twenty years, which may actually qualify her as a “Townie.” Raised in Needham and a graduate of UMASS-Amherst, where she studied political science, Diane spent more than two decades (in between raising a family) as a publicist at WGBH-TV where she promoted news and public affairs documentaries. Her favorite “get” was in 2013 when she booked The Colbert Report. In addition, Diane has done workforce development for JVS, helping people with disabilities find meaningful work.

Diane considered herself a wine drinker until she tried O’Brien’s Vodka and Cape Cod Great White Rum. Now a “cocktail convert,” she is excited to be a part of the AstraLuna Brands team, where she is using her marketing skills to contribute to the social media planning, networking with community organizations, and managing PR and advertising for the brand. In her free time she enjoys cycling and kayaking.



Squirt – Our Distillery Dog