Our Spirits

We only use the finest ingredients and utmost care in hand crafting our spirits. Every batch of our production is personally distilled by our artisans using traditional techniques coupled with modern technology. The result of our painstaking efforts is exceptionally high quality spirits that delight the palates of the world.



Sippewissett Cape Cod Gin is a traditional London Dry-style gin — smooth, refreshing and infused with Cape Cod-sourced lavender, cranberry, rosehip and beach plum.  Perfect with lemon in a refreshing summer cocktail, where it truly shines is in a martini, where the smoothness, bottling strength and complex character  come into their own.  Try it in a traditional gin & tonic, or with a splash of cranberry & lime.  In November 2016, Sippewissett Cape Cod Gin won a Silver in it’s first contest, the New York International Spirits Competition, where AstraLuna Brands was also named “Massachusetts Distillery of the Year 2016.”



Cape Cod White Rum Standalone

Cape Cod Great White Rum, recent winner of a Silver at the 2016 American Distilling Institute Awards Gala, and a 2015 NY International Spirits Competition Bronze Award winner, is artisan distilled from the purest of molasses, brown sugar and our proprietary rum yeast.  The result is an exceptionally smooth and drinkable spirit that any 19th century Cape Cod sailor would recognize while at the same time boasting 21st century quality and character.

Cape Cod Great White Rum has a delicate balance of refined smoothness for a refreshing summer sipping rum with enough depth and flavor needed for your favorite mixed cocktail.

Cape Cod Great White Rum, at 86 proof, provides a subtle bite which is memorable but will leave you with your legs.




The Liberty Tree of Boston was located at the corner of Washington and Essex Streets and w

as a meeting place for the Sons of Liberty.  Liberty Tree Boston Rum is a small batch rum of exceptional body and flavor.  It is fermented, distilled, aged and blended in the style of old New England Rums.

It makes a superb sipping rum or can be enjoyed in a hearty cocktail.



While the origins of O’Brien’s Vodka are as difficult to grasp as a Skibbereen Fog, the story told is one of lost love, betrayal and the struggle of three families’ journeys from Ireland to America. Throughout New England the names O’Brien, Sullivan and McCabe have always been connected with quality spirits. What many do not know, or can not reveal, is the secret history of Irish vodka production in New England.

Often called Irish White Whisky to conceal its production from grains and potatoes,
it has been produced in small batches in Ireland since the 16th century.

Now produced legally in New England, O’Brien’s Vodka is available without fear or broken hearts.

O’Brien’s Vodka has a delicate nose with a crisp, clean taste and a slightly vanilla finish. As a new offering, we expect to win many accolades from judges and consumers across the spectrum.


Cape Cod Vodka is about summer. Crisp, clean and refreshing, Cape Cod Vodka is the perfect mixer for your summer cocktails. Handmade in small batches using potatoes grown at Hemeon’s Farm in Harwich, it is a super premium vodka of unparalleled quality. Each bottle is painstakingly distilled utilizing a classic copper pot still with a dedicated vodka column. This labor intensive process produces the highest quality vodka available on the market today.


The origins of Crook Jaw date back to the 1700s in Cape Cod. Captain Ichabod Paddock was a local whaling captain who spent many years pursuing the ferocious bull sperm whale, Crook Jaw. One day Captain Paddock fell off his ship and was swallowed by Crook Jaw. As he passed through the whale’s insides he came upon the devil and a sea witch seated at a table playing cards for his soul. The witch won the game and had her way with the captain and eventually sent him on his way back to his family. Paddock’s father in-law feared his son in-law would be tempted to return to the sea witch, so he crafted a silver tipped harpoon and with great effort dispatched Crook Jaw. Paddock then lived happily with his family, or at least as happy as a man can be….Crook Jaw’s Cape Cod Amber Rum is a testament to Captain Paddock and h story. It is fermented from the purest of molasses, filtered water and our proprietary rum yeast. It is painstakingly distilled several times in our artisan copper still until it achieves the utmost purity. We then age the spirit in “once-used” bourbon barrels. Finally we blend the various vintages to create an extremely smooth and drinkable amber rum. It is wonderful for sipping as well as in your favorite craft cocktail.


Old RIngo Tequila distilled by AstraLuna BrandsThe origins of Old Ringo Tequila are also as unclear as a Skibbereen Fog….we have derived the recipe from a descendent of a New Orleans privateer captain, Jean Lafitte, who operated in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1700s. His recipe has been preserved through veiled secrecy over the years. We are fortunate to be able to recreate this wonderful spirit as it was enjoyed centuries ago.

Old Ringo Tequila is triple distilled and carbon filtered creates a smooth and transparent tequila with gem-like brilliance. Tropical fruit, melon, lemon zest, floral notes and white pepper on the nose. Refreshing and clean in the mouth with a crisp finish….almost like sipping liquid silver.




Whydah Cape Cod Dark Rum distilled bt AstraLuna BrandsWhydah was a fully rigged that was originally built as a carg, passenger and slave ship. On the return leg of her maiden voyage,she began a new role in the Golden Age of piracy, when the vessel was captured by the pirate captain “Black Sam” Bellamy, and was refitted as his flagship. Two months later on April 26, 1717, the ship ran aground and capsized during a strong gale force storm off of Cape Cod, taking over 4.1 tons of gold to the bottom to the ocean floor. Only two seamen survived to tell its tale. Whydah and her treasure eluded discovery for over 260 years until 1984, when underwater explorer, Barry Clifford, rediscovered the Whydah in 14 feet of water and five of sand. Whydah Cape Cod Dark Rum is a truly rich and luxurious spirit, with a fine balance of smoothness and complexity. It is sure to rival only best of dark rums.