O’Brien’s Vodka

While the origins of O’Brien’s Vodka are as difficult to grasp as a Skibbereen Fog, the story told is one of lost love, betrayal and the struggle of three families’ journeys from Ireland to America. Throughout New England the names O’Brien, Sullivan and McCabe have always been connected with quality spirits. What many do not know, or can not reveal, is the secret history of Irish vodka production in New England.

Often called Irish White Whisky to conceal its production from grains and potatoes,
it has been produced in small batches in Ireland since the 16th century.

Now produced legally in New England, O’Brien’s Vodka is available without fear or broken hearts.

O’Brien’s Vodka has a delicate nose with a crisp, clean taste and a slightly vanilla finish. As a new offering, we expect to win many accolades from judges and consumers across the spectrum.