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She always goes down smooth, like AstraLuna Brands spirits. Rachael Price makes singing look easy, even on a Brighton sidewalk. Smokey voice. Always on pitch. A little unknown and yet with all the beauty and potential of what makes life – and this part of the country – amazing and wonderous.

Icons are made not born. A cigarette in the hands of Lauren Bacall. A fedora on Bogie. A whiskey glass held to the light with attitude. With undeniable Irish roots, AstraLuna Brands shares a rich cultural history with musicians, actors, writers, brewers, distillers and lovers of life across antiquity. Every brand has a story. The forward to this first chapter of ours is just

unfolding. We are a nascent craft distillery located in Medfield, Massachusetts just outside Boston. We’re new yet our recipes hark back to the old country and our dream is to distill a bit of Boston Irish heritage into our spirits.


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